About me

As a kid I couldn’t wait for those Saturdays when I’d accompany my dad to his office. He’d be working, and I would eagerly dive into an adventure game for hours—green text on a black screen—and my days of nerd-dom had begun.

Today I work as a freelance designer and developer. Freelancing allows me to jump between online design and development and print design, and keeps me on my toes. My Master’s in Library and Information Studies gave me a strong foundation for information architecture and informs my passion for producing clean, clear, innovative work. I often design for Groundwire here in Seattle.

I also manage a select group of websites for corporations and small businesses. These include Mincom, a software and services provider in Foster City, CA and Dinette, my all-time favorite restaurant.

The photos you’ll find here are some of my favorites. I’m not a serious photographer; I like to play with old Polaroid Land cameras and whatever trendy new cheapie camera Lomo has re-introduced. My design aesthetic is constantly informed and reshaped by the changing landscape, and photography is one of my favorite methods for interpreting the world around me.

You can download my résumé here.

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